I am Beth Tacular.  I make paintings, drawings, and 3-D work. You can view my art or learn more about it by clicking the links above.  You can always return to this page by clicking on the small house.









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[May 14, 2008]

My new silkscreen print , entitled "Why we are here," is now available to buy from this website. Each three-color print is carefully hand-pulled by me, numbered and signed, on nice thick grey archival paper, and is neatly stacked, ready to mail out to its new home. They are only $35 each, so they make nice gifts. Click here to see a larger image of the print, or scroll down to buy.

... detail image below:

11"x14" | see larger  | 

New studio (almost)

My big project right now is building a new art studio near the airstream. I'm very excited about this, because the airstream is a pretty cramped place to live and make art (I had to make that print at a friend's house).

I've been scrapping together a lot of old wood, doors, and windows from dismantled houses, and an old wooden medical exam table to be my desk. I have a weird new forearm muscle from hammering. There will be a whole wall of north facing windows looking out into the forest, room to set up my sewing machines and to do sculptures, and a small porch for drinking tea. I'll post pictures when it's done, or at least when it starts to look like a real studio.

[Oct 10, 2007]

It's my favorite time of year in North Carolina: the fall.  Acorns are falling, squirrels are collecting, and I'm sitting around on people's porches, relaxing, after just getting home from a really fun Bowerbirds tour.

I'm also getting ready for an art fair and a show at Lump Gallery:

Prints Gone Wild!
, put on by Cannonball Press, is an art print fair, on the weekend of Nov. 3-4 in Brooklyn, with lots of cheap prints for sale (all less than $50)!

I'll be sending prints!  Come find them in the TeamLump area.

Another Lump-related thing that I'm taking part in, is Group Hug, a group show at LUMP Gallery, opening the First Friday in December. More info soon.


[Aug 6, 2007]

New shows & a magazine feature!

1. Resonance Magazine, (at left) asked me to do a fun art project for their summer issue, which just hit news stands (and features Dan Deacon, Miranda July, Electrelane, Dntel, Battles, etc.).  They gave me sadistic art supplies (animal crackers, rubber bands, and a very, very fat black marker) and told me to make art about my favorite song.  I chose "Lord of the Ring," by des ark.   I had an extremely fun time with this.  You can find Resonance at certain stores, like Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, or from Resonance's website.


Upcoming shows include:

A benefit for Lump Gallery (Raleigh, NC) on August 17th, at the gallery, from 7-11pm, at which I'll have a few pieces of art for sale, plus I'll play a set with Bowerbirds. Phon will also play.  It's really important to support this gallery that cares more about art and creativity than about making boocoos of money.

The other show opens Sunday, September 16, in Chapel Hill, NC (more details soon), and is the second edition of Minus Sound Research, a show of local artists who play in local bands.  It will be at Fuse, which is a restaurant/ bar on Rosemary Street. 

Confirmed artists are: Jerstin Crosby (Tennis & the Mennonites), Chip Smoak (Simple), Maria Albani (Un Deux Trois), Beth Tacular (Bowerbirds), John Harrison (North Elementary), David Koslowski (Ex-Members), Shirle' Hale-Koslowski (Ex-Members), & Melissa Swingle (The Moaners).


[May 30, 2007]

I was interviewed on the Orange Alert blog/zine, which you can read at their website.

This blog also wrote about Bowerbirds' (I play in this band)'s new album recently.

The interview also has photos of some of my new work from the Wootini show, including "Grim & Gristle," pictured above. I finally re-organized my art section of this site, so you can see the new art on wood.


[March 8, 2007]

I've got 2 upcoming art shows!

1) The Dinosaur Show! at the new Designbox Gallery in downtown Raleigh, with Casey Porn and David Eichenberger. Opens Friday, April 6th. You can go see it during normal business hours (see image at left).

2) Backwoods Golden Gigantic with Eric Amling and Matt Lafleur at Wootini Gallery in Chapel Hill, NC, which is gonna be real fun too. I'll reveal the deets about this one very very soon. Keep checking back. Opens Friday, May 11 in the evening.

Also, in other news, Bowerbirds (in which I play accordion) is releasing our first full-length album, in stores May 7, called "Hymns for a Dark Horse." We're excited.


[January 24, 2007]

I've added some new pictures to the "Mungry" art section (and I changed the name of that section, because so many of the pieces have Mungry in them). This new art is all hanging at Bickett Gallery, and after the show some of the art will still be at Bickett, in the lounge.

The show was written up in the Independent Weekly, where they said nice things about me.

Go check it out while it's still up! One piece that sold has been taken down, but the others are still there. At right is a drawing from the show, called, "The many we."


More news this way...