I am Beth Tacular.  I make paintings, drawings, and 3-D work. You can view my art or learn more about it by clicking the links above.  You can always return to this page by clicking on the small house.









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[January 5, 2007]

I have a new email list I am creating (at left). I'd love to keep you abreast of my goings on, so please go right ahead and sign up.

Also, Myleen from Giant Robot was sweet enough to send me pix of my submarine from the Giant Robot show. My camera died right before I shipped the little lady, so I had no record of the submarine. But now I do.

I'll put more pictures up soon, but for now, here's what I got, at right. Mouse over it to see inside.



[December 1, 2006]

Art shows! I have a tiny submarine for sale at Giant Robot San Francisco (gr-sf.com), in a show called Dinosaur Party, running from November-December, and a holiday-timed affordable art (everything under $500) show at Bickett Gallery in Raleigh, NC (bickettgallery.com), from Dec. 8 - Jan. 15. I'll be at the Bickett show opening, on Fri. Dec. 8, from 6-10pm.

And I still have work lurking somewhere at Wootini Gallery, in Chapel Hill, NC, if you want to go see a painting or get somebody a last minute Solstice present. ("Mungry" is there - detail at right): wootini.com.



[November 25, 2006]

In the winter issue of Venus Zine (the winter issue), I'm illustrating a story. I love this magazine, so I'm pleased to be contributing my tiny art.

You can buy Venus at nice independent bookstores sometimes, and also at Borders and Barnes and Noble stores.


[November 20, 2006]

I designed a tee shirt for the Internationalist Bookstore's 25th anniversary, an activist resource center and shop, and one of the only places in NC to get great books and magazines about art, social justice, environment and ecology, LGBTQ issues, poetry and fiction, anarchist and leftist theory, and other important things.






[July 22, 2006]

Carrboro musician David Karsten Daniels asked me to paint something for his new album, "Sharp Teeth," coming out on Fat Cat Records (Sigur Ros, etc.) in January 2007.

The insert folds out to reveal a long skinny painting on each side. It's a very deadly thing that is happening, as you can see.


[July 20, 2006]

I just made this poster for the Bowerbirds' tour in summer/ fall 2006.

I'm trying to figure out where to get it printed.

You can see it bigger on the new bowerbirds website: bowerbirds.org!